What do you and octopus have in common?
Scientists are
eager to explore
the potential of octopuses.
We want to discover yours!
Own your ownership
Explore the place
where you may work.
We trust that you will do the right things to deliver maximum impact.
We say what we think and every voice is heard and respected, even when our opinions differ.
Whether it's for our customers or teammates, we always support each other.
Health and wellbeing
Medical care and sports activities compensation, 5 ill days per calendar year to visit a doctor or to get better without getting a sick leave.
Flexible hours
Hybrid office model, office or remote options which supports a flexible working schedule.
Internal initiatives
Corporate holidays (winter, summer, company birthday), team buildings, internal workshops.
Get a mentor from the first day.
Personal development
Compensation for personal growth courses and conferences.
Branded gifts
For our employees.
Questions to the point
What is the career path in Sigli?
Here in Sigli, we have a flat company structure, which is why we don’t have grades and titles, but you can take initiative and join extra activities, participate in meet-ups, become a mentor, take a lead role in a particular project, and for sure you will have horizontal career development, meaning professional growth in terms of new technologies and project experience.
What is the average project duration?
The average project duration is 0.5 – 2 years, however, you can change the project if you want.
How many people usually work on a project?
We either work on the project with the Sigli team, alone or join distributed teams, also we have direct communication with the client-side (PM/PdM/BA), the usual team size on the Sigli side is 3-7 people, there can be up to 10 people from the client-side, but it depends much on the project.
Can I work 100% remotely?

Yes, you can work 100% remotely and within flexible working hours. You can work however you feel is best for you, as long as you are able to join online meetings with the team & clients.

Will I have to work overtime?

In rare cases, we can ask you to work overtime if something happens. This is NOT a usual practice and this is not obligatory, so if you don’t want – you don’t stay. Conditions and payment are also discussed individually case by case.

Does Sigli offer English courses?

No, but we have an English Club – once a week we get together and discuss current topics with the participation of a moderator. We also offer discounts for English courses.