Lithuania’s Most reviewed Web Dev Companies for 2021

It’s unbelievable to think that it’s been six years since we started this company. Perhaps when you’re doing what you love, you don’t notice how time flies by. Over the years, we’ve had the massive honor of working with the brightest minds and brands in their respective fields. In light of our efforts, we’re absolutely stoked to announce that we’ve been recognized by The Manifest as one of Belarus’ most recommended Internet of Things companies for 2021!

To give you a better understanding of how huge this means for us, we’re here to tell you more about our journey.

In 2015, Sigli was established to serve as a friendly partner for fast-growing companies and businesses. From humble beginnings to having international recognitions, our team now has headquarters in both Belarus and Lithuania. Our strategic location and operations allow us to work with clients from all over the world.

Some of our most recent clients include Catapult Labs, The Divi Project, Sensotec NV, Ineo Global Mobility Knowledge, and Ascendle Technology, LLC. We helped their businesses with cybersecurity, staff augmentation, custom software development, and more. Thanks to our dedication, we’ve earned the valuable confidence of our clients. It’s because of their reviews that we’re able to win this amazing recognition from The Manifest.

For those who don’t know, The Manifest is a business blog platform dedicated to providing extensive data-driven content to browsers. The site helps corporate buyers navigate through the intricacies of the IT, design, development, marketing, and business services spaces.

According to their Lithuania list, Sigli is among the top 15 most recommended and reviewed web development companies for 2021. This recognition was based on the most number of reviews earned throughout the year. We are incredibly thankful for this recognition.

The entire Sigli team sends their love and gratitude to everyone who helped make this a reality for us. We owe our success to the satisfaction and success of our clients. Toast to the fantastic projects we’ve had the honor of working on throughout the years.

Be part of our family! Work with Sigli and let’s take your business to another level. Reach out to us and let’s get to know more about each other.